Intercity Train is converted between Basel train stations – Panorama News: Mixed


On Sunday afternoon, international train (ICE) of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) to Badischer Bahnhof on the way to Basel SBB derailed near Bethesda Hospital. No one was injured. The passengers would be taken away. After the crash, the route between Basel SBB and Badischer Bahnhof was stopped both sides.

At the request of Tamedia's editors, the DB confirmed that the ICE 373 was on the road from Berlin East to Interlaken Ost on a round of SBB's Basel with the locomotive and car out of the railings at around 8.50pm. They are not wounded in accordance with their knowledge; at present. Passengers were left to do.

The SBB also stated: "At 8.50pm, ICE between Basel Badischer Bahnhof and Basel SBB has been converted to the first car after its power car. There were no casualties In fact, the passengers are removed. At this time the line is broken. SBB is disturbing due to inconvenience. »

Passengers of a train need to delay and close expectations. Passengers from Basel SBB to Badischer Bahnhof should avoid the number of trams 1 and 2. The length of a break is uncertain.

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