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Executive Director Nissan Motor, Hiroto Saikawa, said on Monday that he planned to revitalize the current partnership of his company with Renault, according to stores from a Japanese company, reported by local media, According to EFE, according to

This resolution was published by Saikawa, Head of Nissan Motor, in a meeting with car manufacturer, according to a new Kyodo group, and depicting assets from the company.

Kyodo says that Saikawa is of the opinion that Renault's current alliance is "not peers".

Nissan's ability to review this proposal was proposed in a meeting with staff, some of them video conference, based on NHK television.

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This was named a week after President Nissan and Renault, Carlos Ghosn, held in Tokyo for anomalies recorded in naming his income.

Ghosn, 64, who came to Nissan from Renault, has been a leading architect of his & her alliance; joining Nissan and Renault for about two decades and Mitsubishi joined later when Nissan became the principal stakeholder.

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Currently, Renault controls 43 per cent of Nissan Motor shares, although only 15 per cent of Japan are. Renault has voted rights on the Nissan Motor Board, but Japan has no French company.

Saikawa was named after Nissan after arresting Gossip and was scrapped after the chairman of Nissan Motor Thursday last year.

In this context, Saikawa said that Gossip should not affect his & # 39; the Alliance with Renault.

"The Alliance does not affect," Saikawa said a week ago.

On Thursday, the Nissan Board of Motorcycles decided to hold this "commitment" on its consolidation and repeat the need to "put its potential" into Ghosn arrest.

This week, there is a meeting of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi chief executives in Amsterdam to look at the futures of their affiliates.

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