Interim Chief Executive Companies Renault: We protect our interests in the & # 39; a partnership with Nissan


Renault has been the lead Operating Officer of Thierry Bolloré as a new interim Head of the arrest of Carlos Gon last week on financial crime costs. At a news conference in Paris, he said he would protect the interests of his French company in the & # 39; his partnership with Nissan Japan, Reuters said. His vote was on board Nissan for Gon to become chairman of Thursday who finished managing nearly twenty years.


"I will ensure that there is stability, and Renault will focus on retaining the interests of our company and the sustainability of its affiliates," said Thierry I bored at his news conference.

The structure of the joint stock companies between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, introduced in 2016, has been the cause of tensioning with the removal of Gon because Nissan is not satisfied with its status as a partner young partner. Renault has 43.4% of Japanese companies, and only 15% of French carriers have no voting rights. The problem is that Nissan's sales is 60% larger than Renault. The connection is harder with the French state of the country, which maintains 15% of Renault and its & # 39; obtaining double voting rights.


Carlos Gon and his former Nissan producer, Greg Kelly, are being audited for an income tax. The Brazilian gave direct instructions to his supporter to solve his income figures. Continued monitored actions will run an email open from Gon to Kelly, who reinforced this truth. On Friday, the Office of the Jacobite Center in 2010, for a 5 year period starting in 2010, has cost its cost at $ 88 million with almost half.

Gon, who did not make public statements, told the critics that he was not expecting his salary position to be reduced in the financial papers and denied the allegations against that in connection with this.

As a result of the amazing scandal, the French and Japanese governments have confirmed that they have received support for the Renault-Nissan Union. "Our organization is well organized to ensure that its company continues its business," said Boreoré.

Japanese Dubbies

On his part, President Nissan, Hiroto Saikawa, said the current Alliance with the Renault of France group is uneasy.

"Our relationship with Renault is unbalanced," Saikawa stressed. He is dissatisfied with the ownership of a French company of 43.4% of the corporate components of Japan, with only 15% of its shares in Japan; a French partner in the union and she has no directive in her policy. Nissan's current management, according to media reports, also wants to rethink the agreement that Renault's representative should lead to a Japanese company.

The third participant in this union is the Mitsubishi Motors Japanese company. Nissan has 34% of the shares. Mitsubishi was also led by Carlos Gon, who was officially fired today. Tokyo's Tokyo Office believes that Gon has more than half of the salary received by almost 10 billion yen or 88.5 million dollars.

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