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International coffee prices continue from adverse impact. This Tuesday they ran again on the historic floor from 16 December 2005, closing at 94.7p per pound on New York Stock Exchange.

This situation also caused a reduction in value of 125 kilos at a national level, which closed at an average of 678,000 pesos, in line with prices set for the 16 provinces to buy by departmental committees. coffee shop.

The main determinant of national representation was that the level of support given by the Executive had not yet been clarified, as there is no agreement to determine how many people will create the same or the amount that will generate action. "subsidize as subsidy. t

In session yesterday, the international quote for a soft coffee (Treaty C) reached an average of 27 months. T
and this means that the price falls from $ 1.60 per pound in November 2016 to 94.7 cents on 20 March, 2019.

This situation has tightened since September 2018, with a fall of 26 per cent on September 2017, registering an average of 98 pence per pound and at least 92 pence.

In addition, the most important data shows that Charter C, from August 2006, fell below the dollar per pound. The domestic purchase price (made by Contract C price, the difference for quality and the exchange rate) has dropped by 16 per cent in the first quarter, compared with this year t Yes.

This means that producers have received an average of 172,000 smaller pesos per consumer, ranging from 850,000 pesos in March 2017 to 678,000 pesos on March 20, 2019.

As a result of the reduction in domestic price, 2018 coffee giants stopped receiving 1.3 trillion pesos from the value recorded in 2017 (7.5 trillion pesos).


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