International Speech Station extends its lifetime at the age of 20


The 20th Century International Speech Station (ISS) turned off at an age of 20, an additional two hours planned, with the commitment to maximize their life as useful; as long as possible with the great powers to & # 39; look for another option to turn their moon and Mars.

"As a technology perspective, ISS's state will allow it to be used until 2028-30," said Yevgueni Mikrin, a Russian corporate speaker Energuia, who was creating a Soyuz spacecraft. Every participant participating in the construction, especially Russia and the United States, appear at the anniversary of their desire to going on another ten year, at least, the life of the orbital platform, who lived for 18 years.

"Making the life of the ISS is the right decision. We must continue to cooperate internationally, as long as we & # 39 ; trades of the place's vitality, "said Robert Cabana, leader of the Kennedy Spaniard Center.

Historical agreement signed 25 years ago by Russian leaders, Boris Yeltsin, and EE. UU., Bill Clinton, the station is the best example of international collaboration in the space field opened by the fall of the Soviet Union and a good solution in times of economic crisis.

"It's a model of how we will explore a future place in the future. It's very expensive, but it's good. PUntil our political differences, we will continue to work together in the EE station. UU, Russia, Japan, Canada, European Spanish Association (ESA), as if we were one"Cabana added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated. He did not hesitate to describe the spatial invasion of a "global project" and ask them to continue their & # 39; utilizing the platforms offered to influence other planets with humans. "It shows, despite political problems, economic problems and social changes, we can work effectively and co-ordinately, and overcome all difficulties and find reconciliation, "he said in a message.

Comfortable place

The two platforms at the stage in the race played a space marked by the Cold War, the American Skylab (1973-74) and the Soviet Mir, which began in 1986 and no one was living in just a few months before EEI received its first tenants: the Russians Krikaliov and Guidzhenko and the Bill American Pastor.

Since then, living issues have become better, and can even be said to save asthma, There are facilities from astronomers from lobster to library, but there are not two toilets.

Looking back, NASA's vice-president of the NASA industry, William Gersteinmeier, stated that the construction of the space station was very difficult. "Once it is built, I'm amazed at what we have been able to use. I'm not surprised that it's still there, but I'm sorry. I'm amazed at the quality of work, science and research. We can search for the DNA series in the same station ", he said.

He stressed that NASA is "very happy" with the station and is expected to use it to find a reliable option, and build "on what they have learned to build the ISS" .

Recently, the leader of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, went out there andA bill for the life of the ISS from 2024 to 2030 was sent to the Transport, while ESA is a & # 39; supporting the expansion, but does not make a decision to ministerial advice next year or early in 2020, his director, Jan Woerner explained.

Tourism spas

Another reason for the station's work is to ensure that tourists leave a place in 2019 or 2020 after a parent of ten years, what does not stop being a financial incentive. The last ones were, Guy LaLiberté, who is singing Canada, a & # 39; paid 35 million dollars in 2009 for eight day leave.

At the same time, both Russia and the United States are watching our satellite, with Mars on its own. behind. Nasa considers priority to be returned to her moon through a cislunar station, and the Russians sent a date to turn the casket on her; moon from 2030, and the USSR could not even even # 39; to achieve it. "A Moon or Mars? First we will go to the Moon and then, to Mars," Cabana said.

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