International Speech Station receives "Refabricator" for the 20th birthday – Quartz


The International Speech Station has been marked 20 years since its launch. His first installment was launched into the orbit on November 20, 1998.

In addition to more than 250 science exams on board of revolution resolution launched today (November 17), the station presents a new birthday date: recycling two -connection and 3D printer that will; Plastic melting down to create new devices for the station team Spaces Sub-


The ISS astronauts have printed things like clothes.

Although it is likely that the "Refabricator", as it was said, would be useful on board the ISS, may be a real value for further study work. The ISS is close enough to Earth to get new equipment and equipment on a regular basis, but on trips where it is not possible, the Refabricator can help to convert uninterrupted parts of the components. into those who need it.

"No recycling capacity, a large amount of materials needed to be kept aboard for long-term research campaigns," says NASA's website.

The Refabricator also means that smaller 3D printer fittings must be sent to the ISS, and make more room for exams and other equipment.

NASA says that such technology could be here on Earth, such as recycling of plastic pockets and bottles to useful materials.

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