Internet-based "excavated" referee refused Vietnam's impact


The ruler of the castrophire community rejects Vietnam's impact - Picture 1.

On the page Distribution Many readers on the Myanmar-Vietnamese game report said the referee was mistaken when he did not recognize Van Toan's visit in the second half because he thought the player was in the place. out. "The referee team has welcomed the Myanmar team," is the reader's view on the page Distribution.

The ruler of the castrophire community rejects Vietnam's impact - Picture 2.

At its press conference after & # 39; game, Hang-coach also commented on the quality of the referee's handling of the game that was not very good, the "black king" lost many poor and poor situations; Suffering The mistake of the Vietnam game has resulted in a lack of fortune. The European politician also added that his students would be under psychological pressure and would not be able to play well in the remaining games.

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Also, on Fanpage Teth, hundreds of reporters agree that Vietnam's team has been removed from their goal in the game that they are entitled to 3 points. And the referee in Vietnam between Vietnam and Myanmar was not defiled when many penalties for HLV players under Park Park students are under pressure, play more. "The 12th Myanmar player has come out, which helps the host win the draw." In addition, there are responsible attitudes that the "black words", who were convicted, removed the "black king" for the removal of two valuable points of Vietnam.

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Speaking about a situation outside Van Toan, former referee Vo Quang Vinh said: "After reviewing this situation I was not outside, however, we can decide it by watching a short video. With the situation on the court, I think that the referee's position does not have a good idea, and pressure from the house listeners, so the referee may have been to safely choose the solution for Me ". The former one, Yang Van Hien, said the Golden Whistle: "It's not a good angle in the camera we're doing, when we're not straightforward 16 , 50 m situation. So, the external or non-failure decision. In the case of this sensitivity, right or wrong depends on the fact that the referee's angle is good or not.

Sorry for Van Toan's legitimate goal

After his game, Park Hang coach -die was a bit sorry and doubtful about the fact that Van To was not legitimate. "I did not see the Van Toan score well but it was swept away, and I'm sure I'll see the video again." To be honest, I'm not happy with the Qatari referee at Khamis Mohamed Al-Marri, Myanmar is the ultimate final, lost 5-7 minutes of medicine but does not make up for the time , I will examine its & # 39; video before deciding it right or wrong ", the division of the Covenant army officer.

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