Internet co-director Ralph Breaks: We wanted to investigate well, badly the internet


Ralph will break the rich internet moore film director and phil johnston
The Internet's Le Ralph Breaks, Phil Johnston, together with Rich Moore, presents the second chapter from a story about his minds from Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz.

Along with a warm-friendly relationship story, Internet Ralph Breaks puts pressure on the dark side of the internet, and co-director Phil Johnston says they wanted a good study The good and bad world is online with the lively movie.

The Internet's Le Ralph Breaks, Johnston, along with Rich Moore, presents the second chapter of the story about his mind on Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz, on the big screen -exist. The sequence of Wreck-It Ralph makes balance between good and bad. Although the fundamental theme is about the feelings of friendship, it is not happy to be able to; Addressing important social issues such as bullying and online trolling.

"The internet type is inviting many issues to be addressed. As there are so many things that are right with it and so many things that are wrong with it," said Johnston.

"We wanted to explore it on both sides. The two things that are amazing and spectacular, the relationships that can be created in the online community but also the elements poisonous as bullying and trolling and things like viruses – the dark side of the internet. "

Johnston thinks about "a film that is about friendship, especially with one of the uncertain friends with self-confidence facing the internet, allowing you to explore some of the most complex initiatives of human feelings from happiness to sorrow ".

"I think the internet allows you to deal with things that may be difficult to do in a movie that will happen in the real world, "he said.

This time, Ralph and Vanellope are going on a trip to explore the world of the internet, where they hope to find a new wheelchair for the Vanellope race game, the classical Sugar Rush class . The Walt Disney Animation Studio project will be launched in India on November 23.

Speaking about the second opportunity, the director said: "We did not start thinking about sequencing if we had no good story. But we considered one of the things brilliant – the internet. What came the movie to us when we were looking back at the first movie. "

He continued: "The first part had a calm end. But more we were thinking about it, it seemed like he was very unhealthy that Ralph was in a position; feel like this. What if the other does not think of it as a best friend? What would happen if Vanellope did not love him. How would Ralph feel out of her? do that for him?

"And there, when we realized that Ralph is really growing and coming up. And we felt that there was another story to tell."

What about the third part?

"It's interesting when we finished the first movie we thought about it. We're ready and we've been told about a story. And then with a bit of distance, we got the this story. I am currently thinking it's a feeling that these two sisters are a very tangible story about friendship that goes from childhood to an adult – although We believe that our peers are now – so I'm thinking of it now.

"I can not personally think of another story I'm willing to tell me. But I'm tired and maybe after a while, I can think about it," said Johnston, who also works on "Zootopia" , "Cedar Rapids" and "Christmas Merry Friggin".

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