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QuadrigaCX, the general director of the earthquake, has dropped the death of over 1,000 thousand users. Gerald Cotten, 30, was so concerned about the security of a census and managed to do everything by himself, not to # 39; Viewing passwords from the vaults even to the nearest subcategories. His death completes this money: one shorter did not move to protect the complex system. How Kotten's widow pays debt and why no one believes her death – in the "" material.

In the middle of January 2019, QuadrigaCX stated that Kotten was dead at risk due to problems caused by Crohn's disease. The director was reported to have died on 9 December 2018 during a charitable visit to India. The publication did not expose a word word about the difficulties that the exchange already operates. However, consumers suspect almost immediately after the sad disaster: many of them have repeated returns.

The news did not say that Kotten was just a dying man: customers who were unable to withdraw their money from the platform for a few weeks did not; believe the message. They were scared that the general director of divorce was refused a single business about his own death to steal all his money.

By the end of 2018, around 115,000 users were registered on the exchange. In total, QuadrigaCX asked them about 70 million dollars in fiat money and 180 million in glating (air, bitcoins, lightcoins, and others). In addition, there are financial responsibilities of the exchange with a number of third party partners. Many customers who founded automated business continued to move money to the service after Cotten died. Set all quadrigaCX accounts tools. However, it is now not accessing its & # 39; Most of these assets are available to exchange staff, or for their own customers.

By January 2019, customers were looking for ways to withdraw money. Their company has chosen their many inquiries on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and questions were quoted about Cotton's death completely. Later on, the exchange of newsletters, where it was reported that the team was "slowly" requests and "actively working on the position and distribution of money." Users do not believe commitments now.

He was told about the real situation of the issues only after Kotten's widow, called Jennifer Robertson, said he was sworn. At the same time, a death certificate revealed the general director of the network. A woman told her her husband was Maintaining most of the resources in the "cold" poles. This security step has been adopted by many denominational owners. It includes the distribution of funding to different deposits ("hot" and "cold"), none of which are connected to the internet: in this way, some of the money can be saved from drivers.

Cotten was likely to keep 137 million dollars in poles protected by more than 100 thousand customers. They have a laptop encrypted, the password that the owner did not know. "The laptop computer was made by Jerry who encrypted his company's business, and I do not know the password or the revitalization key," said Robertson. "Despite regular and hardworking inquiries, I can not find a note with them anywhere." In her hot pack, she said, there was a "lowest level".

Images: Gerry Cotten's Facebook page

Robertson He has clarified that many scientists have disappeared; the system could be pulled. One of them was influenced by protecting the laptop and accessed Cotten's personalized email and work. Now it's a mess with letters and encrypted messages: the specialized fears that each messaging defaults in a short time.

A few days before Kotten died, QuadrigaCX won a long legal stick with the Imperial Trade Bank of Canada (CIBC). In early 2018, the financial institution is serving $ 22 million in its clients' accounts. His staff argued that it was impossible to establish the real owners of that property, and was planned through the court to collect them to support the bank.

QuadrigaCX experts told the lawsuit quiz. Accordingly, the increase in prices for Bitcoins was on the "six" of Canadian banks. In order to eliminate the damage to the existing financial system, they have blocked local residents from their own. buy cryptocurrency and stop all matters related to money like that. "Although the banking situation in Canada certainly prevents growing faster in the short term, it has only strengthened their solution to challenge the oligopolies which has influenced Canada's banking system for decades, "encouraged their customers.

In early December, QuadrigaCX published the end of the "saga by CIBC": asked his / her court on his / her; multi-billion dollar bank. In the comments on Reddit, consumers of the stock exchange suggested being a " "I just want to pay those papers," he sent out the user by the name of the sirfondler2. Many were supporting him: they were sure that The bank had a responsibility to win penalties and losses. However, visitors found a court case forum online and found that QuadrigaCX did not fulfill formal duties for CIBC, leaving their official requests to answer .

Among the loyal customers, they were to defend the defenses of the exchange to the last. According to that, QuadrigaCX was responsible for customers without being able to; Provide the data to its bank. However, the discovery of strangers find out what the problems are. The following exchanges: several banks and cooperative process services refused, and millions of dollars they can not get back are still available. The thread on Reddit was filled with sad comments: consumers can not withdraw money from the accounts.

Approved lawyers expected to return money to consumers by the end of the week – that is, to 9 December 2018. On this day, the General Director of Kotten was not there.

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The new exchange management, led by executive executive, Aaron Matthews, voted for the "temporarily scheduled" stage operation on 26 January. Two days later, a message revealed a ban on an official website. The dead QuadrigaCX staff are thinking about being & # 39; Sales platform sales, however, reports have not yet been submitted. Jennifer Robertson, the largest owner of the stock in exchange of stock, is afraid of his / her; group falls dramatically in & # 39; price if users watch it.

On 31 January, Kotten's widow applied to the High Court in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. I Please ask them to set a set of actions to users; company to protect against creditors. This gives physical access to financial difficulties that are in place; taking over five million dollars to restructuring to avoid breaking and fulfill all of their duties. According to the law, candidates are offered 30 days of "protection" to prepare a plan for the emergency. The activity is being investigated by a third party – its "agency" will be scrutinized.

Robertson gave a detailed qualification about the state of exchange, which included the number of clients and the number of debts. She also explained that she could not do anything in the current situation: she had never taken part in her husband's work, he did not know any words from his accounts and even the tools and he did not know where the exchange of business papers could be stored. In order to restore and organize issues, it must take time: consumers want the money backed up, and the final hope of paying the debt is to spend $ 22 million CIBC (not yet available by exchange).

On 5 February, the court allowed QuadrigaCX to be able to; temporary hiding from their beliefs. From this date, any pages on the exchange website will only show a detailed description of these actions with the guidance. The company promised to keep all the history of client's affairs and clarify that the experts were in a position; Accessing some "cold" costs, but most of them are still encrypted. The amount of money raised has not been published.

Photograph: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The company has a & # 39; move away from breaking questions, and explain what is now in & # 39; protect "customers' interests." "Examination" of all modes The famous Ernst & Young Inc. research and consultancy company recruited. On 14 February, the New Nova Scotia Court will consider a petition for a representative of the party who is a member of the party. hitting appointment – QuadrigaCX Cliaran.

Unfortunately with difficulty, customers exchange in communities in social networking and forums, Building the most impressive assumptions about what happened. Many of them still do not believe in Kotten's death. They are sure to have lost $ 250 million and folded documents. "" Death suddenly ". It's funny when this person comes to life," they say. "Or not it's funny," others say.

Some put forward very good comments, as Kotten had never been in fact. Depending on the theory of fuel, real owners designed the exchange of crime since the creation of the organization, and when the time came, "he killed". Many of the supporters have such an opinion: the message was surprising that he said he had orphaned in India. "They said he died to build an orphanage in India. Just that common neighbor saint", – consumers are unhappy. Reddit is often called for arresting all members of the QuadrigaCX board for fraud and neglect.

Customers of the dark horse and widow Jennifer Robertson appear to be. One of the Reddit visits found that the woman had changed her last name in late 2016 (formerly known as Jennifer Griffith). It seemed strange to him: "You change your name, and then it will be involved in the largest bulk in the history of the country in less than 2 years … Hmm … Chan does not look very good? " He made reasoning. Most respondents have decided that this is not related to marriage: if you believe the information in the LinkedIn network image, Robertson married three years earlier. "This is a year when they all decided to start their" "falsehood," they finished.

One YouTube user's record is a ten-minute picture to explore the "official" story about the QuadrigaCX collapse. According to it, in fact, the general director was not required to go to India and also to dance dances there and there was no time. Also, the video author is & # 39; question Cotton's judgment: according to the official draft, he died six years after confirming Crohn's disease. According to the open sources proposed in the table, people with similar confirmation from 10-28 years are usually living to almost 60.

It was also found that the name and surname needed on the group's database that was set out is that Cotton's death certificate is required. The inspector highlighted that many offices were selling fake documents in India. So many offenders are abducted by law. The author also noted the co-answering of Cotton, formerly a member of QuadrigaCX, Michael MacPherson. Thirty journalists gave their opinion to the video author. They totally pronounced the story of fraud.

After the death of Cotton, it was known that he had two weeks before his death, he devolved. The man left almost his land for a new wife – but only 100 thousand dollars, which should be spent on maintaining two dogs belonging to Chihuahua. QuadrigaCX friends have not been named in the will.

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