Interview with Mauro Viale with Rodrigo Eguillor and criticized him to Eduardo Feinmann – 12/12/2018


Rodrigo Eguillor, son of the procurator, suspended Thursday after spending a night at Alcaidía III de La Plata by the Judge Horacio Rhyb. It is alleged that it is & # 39; worrying the age of 22 years old in the door. Although Eguillor, 24, has been convicted of abuse, the 22-year-old daughter, who was arrested – and subsequently released, has an unrestricted deprivation of liberty and famine – to oppose an authority when delaying at Ezeiza airport when I wanted to travel for the Splatform in Madrid.

In that context, Eguillor was interviewed in the evening on the Mauro Viale program at A24 where he defended himself against the allegations. He had the same clothes he stopped: Jeans Bermuda, shirt with holes and green jacket. He said there were things like the girl who said he was "sorry," he wanted to make the name of the girl public and he asked: "Why do not you want to talk? I'm a & # 39; I choose to speak because my society is dancing for something I did not do ".

Viale, in the interview, asked questions such as "You always look at the monitor. Did they pick up them like this? Do you really feel beautiful ? Now you're calm … Did you see what I asked you? Did you spend your beautiful life? "No:" You wanted to talk to & # 39; your old woman when you told my mom? " The accused took a laugh, affected his hair.

While the report was & # 39; The remainder of the driver and Eguillor were multiplied in the networks. Laura Ubfal, for example, launched: "It's worth taking this scene and letting them talk extremely in signal 2.7, Mauro Viale? ". Connie Ansaldi He said: "I do not know what they are expecting from Mauro Viale, he was always, and he is not representative, he and many others, I am tired of saying, there is no People change: they're just learning ". Angel of Briton, For his, the driver was good: "In the #DiaDelProductor Mauro Viale it's one of the best things in that".

At the same time, in America TV, in Incorrectas – in the next studio – they harmed the center's son. "He likes to be famous. He kills the need to become a human identity, he is happy. He thinks it's famous, he & # 39; moving as a well-known, "said Moria Casan.

But then it came Eduardo Feinmann, In the same channel, and Viale destroys: "I feel emotional, anger, anger, anger, unintentional things, just breathing into the 5 minute crime back to her sitting here, accused of many women of the people who stopped being attacked, like a young woman who was to be thrown or thrown out of his balcony.

He said: "This unfortunate reason says" put yourself in a place. "" Who can put his own in place, and her rubbish? Anyone who places their place can not be abrupt, they say rapists have mental disorders, he will talk about it. Liùraidh, psycho, let you abandon the faculty in 2015, he did not finish it, I never found it with the messenger, donkey, anxious.

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