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"Tell me to the director, help me by paying attention to this. If you see Xu Ruoxuan, you will tell me, I'll return because I have a & # 39; Huang Yahui plays. I do not want to wake up on my face to be a worm that Xu Ruoxuan used. "

Since Xu Ruoxuan made "Chilling Effect" in 2014, it was only 4 years for fans to wait for the new "Human Face Fish Red Girl" movie. She admits her invitation to "Little Girl 2" last year, but she refused. "Because it is unsuitable for children, the child is too small to talk, and the mother can just extend the temperature. Just security."

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▲ Xu Ruowei fought 4 years, and fans stopped waiting for a new film. (Picture / Reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

In the days when his son Dalton was born at age 3, Xu Ruoxuan implemented action for a short time and focused on learning as a good mother. "Every day, there are lots of things at all stages for learning, there's no time to do things, your advertisement. It's almost like it." But she could not It's still helpful to take note of news and performance performances every day. "I have already been motivated and I really want to play."

I did not expect to find the third episode again. At this time, the son of Xu Ruoxi, Dalton, could talk very much. He knew that his mother had to go to work and why he had to go to work. It could also solve a security problem by phone. There is a bad magnetic range on the mountain; take home. She believes that the product is here, and there is one promise, "I can only follow my brothers by measuring the circumstances of all the time and in both directions."

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▲ Xu Ruojun refused "Red 2" because his son was too young. When his son grew up, he promised to play "Fish Faces". (Picture / Reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

Human Face Fish is the long film director Zhuang Weiwei. Xu Ruoxuan does not promise: "Certainly I'm stupid about the show". After that she discovered the short film "The Turbidity" directed by the director, and respected her & # 39; image processing and terrorism. Video and animation technology began the film, along with the performance training before the two started to burn, give a lot of tight understanding, and find that the director presented in the & # 39; humanity.

As early as the performance training, Xu Ruoxuan and Zhuang Weiwei's leader used the moderate 60%, 80% or 100% to talk about the role of Huang Yahui in each scene. "There are differences in my members in different stages." The degree of contrast and the state of the organization is different. I will divide several pages to show it, at least 10 versions, and see what the director wants to do Huang Yahui, and what one I play. "

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▲ He never talked about the scenes of character magic that was Xu Ruoxuan, director of Zhuang Weiwei. (Picture / Reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

Sometimes Zhuang Weiwei's Director asked Xu Ruoxuan to " try the magic, but also to preserve some humanity. She also agreed: "Devil, someone else" is the biggest thing in the heart, there was probably no "devil" on the beaten people. In the heart of my heart, the worst thing is that humanity is still there, and I want to be strong for me; son. You are already weak enough to take them away with the devil. We believe that the magic and the fool are the best thing, and this is the worst place. "

One of the most important activities, Xu Ruoxi is for interpreting the devil still in the meat, their awareness is to return to her; back but still pulls between the two, "the vision of demons into magic, the magic into the magic The listeners watched a whole drama, but Indeed, it took 10 times, a close relationship with a boy, my close-up, and the long-term will come back to the scene. Each of them must have the same mood, and should the light changed again. "

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▲ Xu Ruojun raised the magic into magic, the magic of magic, and returned home for 2 days. (Picture / vision)

Xu Ruoyan remarkably said that the whole body was soft and shoes after the whole day. "I can not move when I go home and do it in bed. My muscles are hurting and my roof is missing. I can not go with my son the next day." Fortunately, my family is. After having looked after her, she stopped relaxing for 2 days before going to work. "There was no way in those two days. I was completely cleared, and my energy was already cleaned."

Indeed, many times after hearing Xu Ruoxu and other directors of Zhuang Weiwei, after watching the replay, they were all horrified. "I do not remember what I did now. After reading it, I feel so horrible. The design is moving like this, like this. When I go into the character, I will naturally remove it. "

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▲ Xu Ruoqiang self-destroying his / her image, just wants to make the job more determined. (Picture / vision)

When the Director of Zhuang Weiwei saw the Xu Ruoxuan shoes on the screen, she asked her to go to the screen; leave the image, despite the image of his / her diary. "I do not have to look at my own interest. The players are the performance tools from being able to attack. They can play completely by themselves. There is a different life, and enjoy it "The post was pulled out by the devil, took the campaign to deepen the bags under the eyes, the pattern of the law, the pattern of the puppets, and even more closure, to make the job more profitable . "

Xu Ruoxuan believes that everyone has a normal happiness or they are tough. Mushes will be remembers people's customs. Sometimes they are too tired and too focussed to laugh and smile; crying catchy with the usual muscles. She told the director Zhuang Weiwei: "You can take care of this. If you see Xu Ruoxuan, tell me, I'll return, because I play Huang Yahui, I do not want to have a worn that is used by Xu Ruoxuan. "

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▲ Xu Ruoxuan told Zhuang Weiwei: "If you see Xu Ruoxuan, I'll come back!" (Picture / Weibo)

Another important piano game began, Xu Ruoxi worked three months before the start began. She took over 10 times on that day, and she said with a clear war. "If I'm not really good and as good as it was at the time, the director may only take pictures with his or her first hand. On the other hand, the director can take much shelter and to the 7-point body of Huang Yahui. He is fond of how it will launch and how it will launch. "

If you do not use its & # 39; Phiàno, Xu Ruoxuan knows that the supervisor and himself is sad when they finish fired. "I want to move up and play wildly. I can not find where I want to. I should be deserving of the audience. I do not want to know the teacher about what branch I did not hit the right situation. I'm excited by this stage. I want the piano teacher to believe that Huang Yahui is playing a phianist. This is my investment. "

▲ ▼ "Human notes: little girl's little girl" Xu Ruozhen, Zheng Renshuo. (Picture / vision)

▲ Xu Ruoqiang used the piano in an auto-idiot way, so that a piano teacher can be encouraged. (Picture / vision)

Xu Ruoxuan is now enjoying to & # 39; play more on music. "I like to help me write songs. I can communicate with you through words and voices. In addition, a sensory impact is different." She then wanted to & # 39; double a & # 39; animation, allow her son to see her work, and her husband went to Taipei to prepare for her stage.

"Red Fish Fish Sculpture Life" will be released on November 23.

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