Introducing my eyes Memphis John Valančiūnas: "He saved us"


The JV received 33 points on the Basket of Rockets Houston and received up to 15 members.

Memphis Grizzlies won the case at the 126: 125 extension and was also won by J.Valančiūnas, who entered the penalty line, playing 0.1 seconds later.

The result was still 125: 125. The Lithuania, who chose his first handsome attempt, was the second to be raised, by Memphis and King James Harden and his soldier.

Teacher Grizzlies J.Bickerstaff did not give any mention to Lithuania after the amendment.

“It is always possible to get his situation under his basket. And it's big enough to attack the basket just after getting the ball. We spoke to him and we spoke to him. We recognized that he could have more opportunities to earn points. And he worked a lot back at balls. At the end of the game, he struck an important ball in the attack, ”proposed Jonas John from the beginning of the press conference.

Mr Bickerstaff hopes that Memphis's utenic will show a more stable game.

Image by Reuters / Scanpix / John Valančiūnas and LaMarcus Aldridge

Image by Reuters / Scanpix / John Valančiūnas and LaMarcus Aldridge

There were interesting strategies as J.Valančiūnas, who had been in the new team, had been focused on the following team and the aims from the following day: “A person like that. It would take time to learn our vocabulary, but its loyalty was always there. Everyone who came with us came in different situations asking our team to help. Guys believe in word and the power of John. ” T

Lithuanian leader Mike Conley, Lithuania, said: “The end of the game was terrible. JV studied JV subjects. He made the most important decisions and discovered them with great influence. He saved the day. "

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