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When children reach 16, their & The first contract for carrying out a private exercise in a car has been achieved. But there are many more requirements that you need to do before you start. The student must have a proof of a traffic traffic base course, as well as the identification or driver's license in another class.

However, it is essential that the partner needs to be over 25 years of age and has had a driving license in the last five years. The partner can not make a cost, and there is no training permit in Norwegian only. In addition, the car must be marked by red L that is visible on the white background and has another screen for use with its companion.

Bot of NOK 8,000

If it's all there, it's not just a concern – but you should not forget any of the important points, according to CEO UP Runar Karlsen. He says that he can spend much money to get rid of the information here:

– What happens if you encounter driving exercises where the student has no evidence on a basic traffic course, or identification?

– Taxes are based for illegal driving, as the age requirement is not fulfilled. It must be considered that the same sum will be used for the completion of the basic traffic course, namely NOK 8,000 if the case is notified.

Expert advice: You need to think about this when you use it

More exercise driving is important

– In terms of the requirement to provide proof of a basic profile course, or lack of identifying identity with the photograph, such a breach is not specifically mentioned in the tax regulations for a special breach of road traffic legislation 1. How However, the sweep is required to be able to answer one answer, if you want.

– What is mentioned in this paragraph has failed to provide a driver's license or a moped driver's certificate, Runar Karlsen says to Broom.

– It is encouraging to drive more than a "#; exercise exercise is one of the key areas of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for increased traffic safety among young drivers, says Christina Eriksen, senior consultant at traffic education office in Public Roads Administration.

Ford Edsel: Start the engine in downhill slopes!

Give at least two years!

– It's an important part of becoming a safe user who catches accident. You may want to start training at hours at a traffic school. You learn faster and it will be safe enough to exercise physical activity.

This must be based before the exercise starts! Photograph: NTB Scanpix / Blue Kallestad

You should be a training teacher, the traffic teacher and the person you are using in private, cooperate closely through the training. In this way, the basic training can be done as efficiently and safely as possible, and provides a good starting point for further training.

– In order to get enough exercise, most of the exercise training must be done in private. If you give the driver's license for the first time, you should spend at least two years on the training before going up to a driving test, and # 39; emphasizes Christina Eriksen.

There are good reasons for why the Road Administration is a highly motivated public training in private driver format:

– There is a risk in a lower accident when driving the other exercise. The statistics also show that there is a major danger in an accident associated with a little driving. There is a clear link between how many hours or kilometers you are driving before the driving test, and the danger of traffic disasters after the driving test, she says.

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Private exercise training provides a valuable level of training, and can reduce the risk of & # 39; first time with a new driving license. Photograph: IStock / fizkes

Better praise than that

Christina Eriksen also has some good advice on the road to make exercise driving:

– Start in low traffic areas and at a quiet time of day. A large car park is a very good place. Driving exercise needs to be in close and high speed traffic before you can follow the traffic rhythm.

Despite this, although some think this is fun and educational, others may probably get worse.

So you should have a chat before you drive the type of smile you want in the car, what should be used – and how long should exercise to be done.

While you are & # 39; Driving, it is important to remember that praise is better than Russia. If something is not done as well as the demand, the student and their companions must try to find the reason for this together.

After the trip has passed, it is wise to take time for a summary of what it has been used – and how the car's enjoyment has been. Then you can agree to improve what works well together, and find reasons for potential problems.

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