Investigate his judge


November 22, 2018 19:45 p.m.

Probate Disciplinary Control Control Office (ODECMA) from Ventanilla, a starter investigation started against its investigator judge, Iván Velazco López for ordering the freedom of the changes Elmer Sergio Chambergo Tapia who was accused of being raping and a & # 39; carrying a 10-year-old girl.

The Judicial Branch states that ODECMA of the High Court of Ventanilla to examine whether the particular judge is on the First Preparatory Research Court of this critical area, Iván Velazco López, they had an active irregularity in the process of emergency crime, as reported in a newspaper report.

Previously stated by his former lawsuit the visa requirement regarding the suitability of the extension was suspended Elmer Sergio Chamberco Tapia, is banned for an emergency crime in the penalties of the headlines M.A.A.J.

Although evidence of being a carer has been attacking a girl who is nine years old and over, she is pregnant for 10 years. ; age, and the DNA test is a; prove that the child is the child who is waiting for the child; case A master gave him his freedom.

The rapist grandfather Elmer Sergio Chambergo Tapia (41), released on November 22 after the Government's decision judge of the first Initial Research Court of Ventanilla, Iván Velasco López.

It should be informed that the resolution given by the former deputy magistrate has been objected and will be resolved by Superior Criminal Chamber in the Ventanilla Permanent District.

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