Investigate the Attorney General for the Case of José Silvano – Out of Field


The Public Center Office (MP) will continue to go; A case in the José Silvano case was opened to investigate the suspicion that the PSD's general secretary has recorded a record of attendance in the plenary session in the Republican Senate (AR), certified information SATURDAYIn this way In this way, the applicant is the target for crime investigation in the Criminal Examination and Criminal Action (DIAP) of Lisbon, although there are no defenders in the case to date.
In response to the Lusa group, the Office of the Attorney General, Lucília Gago, stated that he had decided "to refer to the DIAP the elements available to initiate an investigation"after it appeared on 7 November that he was going to analyze his & # 39; case to find out if there was "any way to do".

The October events, a month in which the Member was present in the 13 full-case cases of the Senate of the Republic, for him, although he had found two separate days that did not appear twice. A week after the situation was opened internationally, Social Democrat Party Emília Cerqueira said she had signed his name, although she was "accidentally" .

José Silvano submitted a letter of attendance in the Parliament, but did not join the meeting

José Silvano came at the start of the last committee for a Problem, signed the list of attendance and left the room where his meeting was held, which lasted to about 4:00 p.m. not to & # 39; sit down – Portugal, Saturday.

At the time, Silvano recognizes that he was a false fact; and said he was in the Vila Real by Rui Rio, party leader, in a program of meetings that took place on the afternoon of October 18 (one of the days quoted) at 3:30 pm p.m. Although the secretary was generally in the north, someone in Lisbon told him at the beginning of the session full full after 3pm. This one, according to one, was Emília Cerqueira, who explained in a news conference to allow the Silvano and other Members' password, and again, to access work documents that were saving a variety of computers.

The attendance table in the full-time sessions works in a computerized way, and it is essential for everyone log in on the computer with the different password, "personal and innovative". Silvano refused to give his or her password to any person or to require another person to register his presence in the UK. The Social Democrat service also stated that the Members would be password during the entire legislative legislation, but was rejected by the UK, who clarified that these changes are in every three months.

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