Investigators explain why the Nam Nam Nam project is faster than Nguyen Van Duong News


In the morning 22.11, the test continued on two police cases; Previously, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa and 90 defenders in the case of trillions of dollars on the internet.

After guardian Nguyen Van Duong (who was chairman of the CNC board) and five defendants put an end to the defendant's defense, the Prosecutor responded to the defense arguments. legal.

The defendant Nguyen Van Duong was convicted beyond Phan Sao Nam (who was the chairman of the Board of General Director of VTC Online) on the same taxes as a group of gambling that was the responsibility of Duong, who & 39; the production of the Phu Tho province People's Program, to date, Duong has just treated 240 billion of the 1,600 billion cured illegal benefits, only 15% of the amount.

According to the Program's representative, there is a 3-year-old organized crime trial. In this case, Phan Sao Nam's defender has remedied 90.7% of the 1,400 billion beneficiaries.

In addition, Phan Sao Nam also has a great deal of achievement, a certificate from Prime Minister, Ministry of Information – Communication long & as he was still a director of VTC Online, which means before arranging a gambling.

In addition, according to representatives from the Procuratorate, Phan Sao Nam has been helping to & # 39; the searching body during its audit process, however, the Procurement has not been published but not to. including information because this is a secret business. South Westerly

With the situation above, the Procracy stated that Phan Sao Nam had four licensed situations, as well as his case, that Nguyen Van Duong was the leader of the president; gambling group and beginner's name The Deputy So, the Scottish Lawsuit of the Phu Tho mainland proposed the sentence for men 3-4 years in prison.

In terms of Nguyen Van Duong, a higher recommended sentence (8-9 years imprisonment) is charged with gambling organizing fees, although over 240 billion but Yang is not going to Volunteer-based exams Inspections with survey authorities decided two 150 billion savings books and the company's headquarters can not be sold on the 4-5 storey of the Icorn 4 building until damaged by researchers and the family were carved voluntarily to clothes.

"During the investigation, Duong initially stated that the income was paid by around 800 billion and a 500 billion recommendation at the point, if submitted, it will be considered that pay more than 240 billion ", representatives of the Institutions Despite those who have been paying their money. commit identity crimes, and self-confidence, and paying back money voluntarily, they will reduce to clarify who is good and poor.

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