Invitation lecture from an American Nuclear Native Solar Nuclear expert


Ljubljana, November 20 – Investigator from Jozef Stefan Institute and Lecturer at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Ljubljana Judgment Tiselj, as the first Solar Nuclear expert, has given a lecture at the Nuclear Society of the American Nuclear Society. He lectured on the topic of corporate modules and numerical methods in nuclear thermodynamics.

The topic of the speech is the most detailed corporate models and the most reliable numerical methods that we use today for streaming symbols.

Co-author Cedric Flageul, associated with the French EDF (Electricite de France) power research department, who has received post-doctoral training at the Reactor Technology Department, and Jure Oder's vocational student.

Speech was emphasized on the use of these modules and methods in nuclear thermodynamics. The independent accuracy of these modules also need a lot of computing power, which is why their use in today's business is rare.

The research that is mentioned in the research project, which was initiated this year at the JSI reactor technology department. Through the above methods of calculations and exams, the project will elaborate in detail the movement of heat in a straightforward geometry. Three quarters of the assets for their project are submitted with a & # 39; Research Group (ARRS), and a quarter by Nuclear Power Plant Krško.

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