IPad iPad Pro can be easily bented, check the test


Although new iPadan is more flexible than the previous generations, the situation should not be a fiasco.

Last month Apple introduced a pair of Pro iPads. The 11-inch screen and 12.9 inches are the fastest iPadan Apple's ever made. However, this designer thrombus causes it an inconvenience – the iPad can be able to; bend your hands as a paper, BGR notice.

The new traditional test has been influenced by the new YouTube iPad Pro JerryRigEverything. The records first appeared on both sides, including edge, then to & # 39; scratch a camera or a lens; burn the show, and finally bend.

The video shows that the record can be deleted and practically destroyed without any problem. The device tends to bend in particular in the middle, According to the test, it may cause the margins to be weakened on the holes with holes. There is a larger hole on the right side for a pencil stylus that is cut without radio, there is a microphone in the hole on the other.

Some people can remember this behavior "Bendgate", who was with the iPhone 6 Plus. However, spots and knitting may not suit the table.

The iPad is more than a digital phone, so it is possible to spend more pressure and power to bend. Glasses are harder with a harder size. In addition, the tablet size device does not enter your back pocket for your legs and the risk is not going to & # 39; bend in this road very little.

It is true, however, that even older iPadan is now more cute than the iPhones, the new iPads Pro are easier to bend. So the owners of their charters should pay more attention to the shipping facilities or be careful not to attack them. Consider a case of protection for consideration.

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