IPC Transport: annual inflation inflation inflation of 48%


Although inflation in November was 3.2% per month nationally, the economic economy team gave a warning to "Is it still over the records before the start of the year's cash accidents".

Over time, the Tigrense economic team was expected to increase prices "almost 48% for every 2018", which would have the largest increase in the last 26 years. Regarding the future, the Renovador Front economists said that "we are still far from the actual inflation process".

In terms of the latest report of the statistical body, Massismo noted that the Health item was the biggest ones in November, with a 5.7% increase, and alcohol and tobacco (+ 4.6% ) later. Food and alcohol did not drink 3.4%, with food that was higher than a drink; average, as well as potato case (+ 31%), strong yogurt (+ 21%) or apples (+ 14%).

"In the last six months, prices increased by 28.7%, that is, an average 4.3% per month, which equates to an annual increase of 65.5%", checked from the Front Renovador.

In this way, the Lavagna team explained that "as a result of the strong acceleration of inflation seen in the last months to November prices increased by 48.5% compared to the two-month level".

The national priority of its economy is a 44% increase collection, 23 percentage points (p) above the increase in the same period last year (+ 21% in January 2017).

In this regard, the economy of the economy gave a warning about "another worrying fact" as the increase in inflation (43.9%) compared to retirement (19.2%) to date this year, which is a loss of power buy 17.2%.

"Although the rate of inflation was shown in the first month of the year similar to the beginning of 2017, the exchange rate of his / her April caused the hope of breaking the underlying illness have been punishing our economy for more than ten years, "they said. from the guests at Massa.

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