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The trade war is heated up, and the hard world has been shouting! Apple (Apple) was launched on a trip to Taipei today (after the US stock market) to " The first quarter of 2019 (10th December 2018, hereinafter referred to as the "last quarter" salary report). As expected, iPhone high-profile revenue was lower than expected, and Apple's Q1 income fell by 4.5% per annum to US $ 84.31 billion, better than an estimate The analysts of US $ 839.72 billion. In addition, the US stock market fell once, and finally Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 24,579.96 points, up 51.74 points.

On 2nd of this month, Chief Executive Tim Cook reported that the warning results were not as early as expected. Apple stock prices were changing and investors wanted to find out how Apple's real income and profit.

Apple named its first quarter of 2019 (10th December 2018), and increased the income of services to a full-time higher. Funds for materials such as Macs, wearables, homes and other devices were also rewritten. However, Apple's revenue from the largest iPhone revenue in the past was slightly lower than expected.

Apple earnings results Q1:

Finance: 4.5% anniversary to $ 84.31 billion

Net share profit (EPS): 7.5% year-on-year to $ 4.18

Service business money: 19% annual increase to 10.875 billion US dollars

IPhone account: 14.9% annual survey to 51.982 billion US dollars

In addition, the stock market of the US fell into the interchange of Tuesday. The business closure of Dow Jones closed at 24,579.96 points, up 51.74 points, or 0.21%. The S & P 500 index closed at 2640.00 points, down 3.85 points, or 0.15%. Nasdaq's archive closed at 7028.29 points. , down 57.39 points, down 0.81%; The Western Semiconductor of Philadelphia closed at 1236.25 points, down 18.15 points, down 1.45%.

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