«IPhone» not «Android». What does your smartphone talk about your person?


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Although technological experts can not argue that they do not. controversy regarding the choice of terminating Apple or Android phones, recent scrutiny of the choice of smartphones has been linked to some of the social features of the reminder.

According to the study by British "Peter Bay"; Apple phone fans are different in a number of features of those that use the phones, "Android", especially for family.

The survey found that iPhone users were closer to the family, and the figures showed that they were 18% larger for making "above" relatives compared to Android users.

Compared to this, the survey showed that "Android" users were more than 18% to establish tight relationships with social media, according to the results said by the British "Mirror" newspaper.

Users of Android devices have 6% less social interest interest than iPhone users. value more social relationships.

The competition between the users of the "Apple" and "Android" phones is an interesting, non-violent degree of competition between the same makers.

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