IPhone owners now take up to three years to replace their phones


China's weakness in China's ban on iPhone sales, a brand that has not grown in the last year; only 6% off. While he's selling the iPhone today's smaller iPhone shelves, Apple's Apple comb is Responding to a more universal philosophy than just the decline in the East Market: users speed up a phone increase, which has occurred in some cases less than a year to more than three.

According to a survey by the Kantar companyFor example, if Spanish has changed its telephone number on an average of 16 months, by 2016 the figure was up to 20.5 months. In the US, in the same time, a user may change from changing their telephone average every 20 months to almost 23 months, and in France, from 18.3 to 22.2.

According to the inspector Dan Ives of the research company, Wedbush Securities, named by the Dawn.com site, Apple users are now updating their models every 33 months, more than 24 or 25 months from three years ago.

How innovation in the mobile phone is spread to & # 39; Going down, users increasingly expand their mobile devices.

Analysts will estimate, as happened by computer market, we have reached a top where the smartphones start to start; pull down.

This causes the need to start a new device to disrupt this disaster, even for certified models such as the iPhone.

In this change that is increasingly slower, users have a & # 39; explore different options, such as the name open box phones (modules that the owner opened, but did not use it and was sold again as a replacement) or even with the modified models, A fabulous way to sell new phones as a new one, but they are still listening to them. complaint.

The call "Top of a" computer it was devastating for all the companies involved, from HP to Toshiba, and the largest companies at that time were not protected from brutal brushes of investors, construction and sales competition, Users are increasingly simpler in your computer life.

With smartphones, maybe its appearance seems different, but it will be blood blood when hard-fighting companies are going to have a long time. fighting for new business models, due to slow sales.

"The dedicated mobile business is going through a prime destination," said Ives. "Smartphone manufacturers usually used as teenagers, and the business was at fire. Now they seem to be more like older people in terms of getting up to date"He also added.

Finally, Apple finds the roof on what can build prices before consumers get up and expand their life.

The technological innovations were in independent growth phones at the beginning of the 2010 decade, with incredible size enhancements and screen configuration, battery life, cameras and process speed, the highest level of winding passage in 2014, with the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The increase in prices has not been up to the level of innovation, and today it seems that users can see this equation is no longer fair.

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