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Apple Microelectronics (AMS) provider reviewer has recently been the approximate income for its fourth quarter, and said that in response to "change in the request to a key user "; External definition, it may be Apple (AAPL-US), AMS This move is similar to giving new evidence for the sale of bad sites.

AMS started initially to reach the fourth quarter of $ 570 million to US $ 610 million, but was reviewed down to $ 480 million to US $ 520 million.

According to Reuters, AMS also left the 2019 annual revenue target of more than 2.7 billion US pages, but stressed that annual revenue is expected to grow two- digitic in the coming years.

Recently, some of the investment banks have reduced their target price; UBS has set its target price to $ 225 in the latest report and dropped selling sales on an iPhone.

UBS cut its Apple 12-month target price from $ 240 to $ 225 and reduced its seasonal sales of iPhone from 7 million to 73.5 million.

UBS inspector, Tim Arcuri, wrote in the report, as a result of keeping the US dollar respected, that Apple "offers a foreign exchange destination". Chinese market, many users will choose a mobile phone with a local logo of similar designations to the iPhone XR site.

Goldman Sachs added Apple's target price to $ 209, and said that the iPhone's new iPhone demand is weak, worried.

Apple share price closed 2.82% to $ 186.80 Wednesday. At 8:50 on Thursday afternoon (15th) in Taipei, Investing.com data revealed that Apple share price 0.92% to $ 188.51.

Apple's share price increases before the flower. (Picture: Turning from Investing.com)
Apple's share price increases before the flower. (Photo: Moving from Investing.com)

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