iPhone XS in red, iPhone 7 and 8 in new versions


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According to Chinese statements, citing sources in Apple supply chains, the company could launch the iPhone XS and XS Max in red version – at least in China. In addition, Apple is now offering new versions of iPhone 7 and 8, to sell the appropriate versions in Germany again.

Apple could bring the iPhone XS and XS Max into a red version of its market and so he will hear Apple's many fans. Anyway, if it comes to Chinese media reports, the end of the month for the Chinese market. Depending on the fact, first started through the Weibo grant, it should be stated that the iPhone has a " steady decline in the sector.

Apple Hunting: iPhone XS and XS Max in red for Chinese market

The regret that appears on the red X and XS red version says that They got the well on sources in Apple's supply chain. It also goes back to the information that Apple wants to & # 39; "Red Brand" model and PRODUCT (RED) as it is normal for Apple. However, these different names are not different in different markets. Even with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8, Apple dropped the PRODUCT branding (RED). So, everything does not have to be an argument against the truth.

In Germany, a new version of iPhone 7 and 8

In another Apple news, the company has now made a customized version of iPhone 7 and 8, after banning the ban on sale in Germany. In an online German online Apple shop, you could only buy it for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Qualcomm had a court order to ban on sale after a patent application. It is now likely to come in German iPhones in the 8-dimensional Qualcomm model that is used – and not the Intel no Qorvo modem now. In this case, it is still exciting. Finally, the highest regional court in Munich in the next position could be higher than the ban again.

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