Iran group proves that there was a crisis under Hamdeen's mutiny


Political experts said that the Doha demanded the Arab countries to debate with the four countries against terrorism and boycotting in Doha because of their support for insurgents and the cause of interference within the country. area. t

According to the follow-up of the "Arab Arab", former foreign foreign minister Ahmed Al-Quwaisni, told the newspaper «Today» Saudi Arabia that the Qatari system is trying to get to leading the crisis in cooperation with hostile Arab forces such as Iran who is fighting hard, revealing that Doha still holds and gives out fans; . Sheltering for their land, denying the Hamdeen system says the Arab quartile gets Qatar, but that there are methods and occupations within the region withdraw Catar from his destructive plans for the Arab world.

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Then the experts in the Islamic movements Mustafa Hamza: The skeptics hit the news because there is undoubtedly an Iranian newsgroup within the efforts of a Persian state to save its Qatar friend of loneliness. 'suffered from the four nations' decision in the Doha region and not, as they changed Hamdin and his friends, emphasizing that the Doha is still determined to abide by the grieving will being considered in response to the 13 requests, the most obvious element is stopping support for extremism and extremism groups.

Hamza confirmed that the Qatari system continues to support the Arab against the Muslim Brotherhood and provides members with safe places on their land, providing funding and media channels by Brotherhood leaders to disrupt Arab chariots and grassland and chaos displacement in the Arab world because of their common causes and interests, Taking positive steps in a number of dark buttons because of providing terrorist support and the Brotherhood and stopping lobbying in Arab affairs such as Yemen, Syria and Libya, and stopping Qatari platforms in the media that are struggling t to the Arab.

In a associated context, the Arabic and President expert on the People's Voice Party, Ahmed Al-Barawi, asked: How is Qatar looking for renegotiation at the time,? where he failed to comply with Tuesday's conditions to stop support for terrorist organizations and to halt the partnership of regional areas in Arab cases such as Iran, Turkey. Al-Barawi said that Qatar has been involved in an extreme crisis to share the Arab organizations and to favor rebellious groups and their funding, highlighting Iran trying to stop criticism and criticism that the Qatari system is governed by many countries in the world.

He explained that what will be repeated from time to time in respect of Qatar's efforts to breathe and then return to the same procedure. –

Week resolutions: experts: What did Iran's body respond to representing the Hamdin rebellion? The newspaper would abandon the confidentiality of the week for full news content, but the onus is on the original news publisher and is the site of the Arab Yemen

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