Iran will launch it to reduce US sanctions. | News


Iran submit your opinion borderline The 8th Annual Conference on the electronic and payment banks system, which will take place on 29th and 30th in January Tehran, the capital of that country.

An money Virus system, which is aided by the State, will be a device for addressing penalties who order that United States (TheUSA) to the country.

New information borderline de Iran It was subsequently named that administration was carried out in August 2018 Donald Trump restart penalties against the Asian nation.

The first level of the different money will be & # 39; offers payments between Iranian banks

and other centers. | Picture: EFE

In November November 2018 commercial barriers were reinforced when a number of financial agencies – including Iranian banks – were linked together from the international SWIFT system, so the government decided to send the new service launched great money

It is expected that borderline expansion in steps: the first one, as a digital ticket to make payments between Iranian banks and other institutions easier; and the second level is to be & # 39; help you to pay goods and services.

Iran, Russia and Venezuela have for it, for the time, the countries that have decided to create great money which allows him to do commercially with other countries of the world after the campaigns penalties come from USA.

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