Iran's oil companies make great purchases for customers


Iran's oil companies are beginning to & # 39; Make a bigger for the biggest customers in an effort to keep her at home; flows to world markets and ensures new markets after President Trump's rescue for some countries. In an attempt to keep its customers, the National Oil Company of Iran (NIOC) was cutting its own records, according to world oil. Most Iranian oil makers have negotiated with the United States on freedoms due to & # 39; Sometimes a reduction in purchases would impact on their energy businesses and increase fuel costs.
The United States has given 8 Japanese oil buyers in Japan, which will be reduced directly to five by the end of the year. Over 700 markets of global markets on world markets expanded in 2019 more oil sales in Iran, according to Brian Hawk, At United States State Department.
Iranian customers include South Korea, who have bought up to 200,000 barrels per day for purchase. It will maintain a cash-based payment system with Iran, investment investments in local accounts in Seoul and are not just going to Iran, which can only be used for food or cure.
Japan, the economist, business and businessman, Hiroshij Seko, said that food in the country would again re-enter Iranian oil for the time, but they would & # 39; looking for other representatives from April. Takashi Tsukuka, chairman of the Japan Petroleum Association, said Japanese customers did not appear to have Iranian oil after their arrival; April 1 due to the difficulty of paying back before the re-installations were made in early May. Japan's largest motivation company is trying to buy the amount of oil from Iran during the release period, although what it is doing is what it is. Tsukuka, who is also chairman of Edemitsu Kosan, has limited restrictions.
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