Ireland 16-9 New Zealand: Joe Schmidt is abolishing an application & # 39; World Cup & # 39;


Joe Schmidt (left) has been praised as a fan after New Zealand coach Steve Hansen (right)

Ireland's coach, Joe Schmidt, who laughed on behalf of the Steve Hansen bid as part of New Zealand that the Irish are now World Cup players after they have defeated Baile Átha Dublin.

The biggest number in the 16-9 world in Dublin won its first win on the All Blacks.

"I think they're better," said Hansen, who had the two World Cups. gone.

Schmidt was born in New Zealand describing Hansen's ideas as "a little word".

The Japan World Cup will begin in September 2019.

"So can we help us when they have been the one-year solo team for nine years, and continue to be the world's only team?" said Schmidt.

"We were at home, and they came from a long series of games where they traveled around the world several times.

"The people were very spectacular tonight. And many things have been stacked in our favor.

"So we'll be tonight, and we'll leave 11 months for 11 months.

"World Cup? We need to work hard to make sure we're ready for the US [next week], "said Schmidt.

Jacob Stockdale's army helped Ireland to bring them into a 16-6 drive, and continued to be a huge pressure on New Zealand

Can Schmidt succeed Hansen?

It is expected that Schmidt will decide this month at least if he agrees to expand a contract with Ireland beyond the World Cup.

It is not clear why two-time Hansen coach wins the World Cup after its competition, and later Schmidt was praised.

"Steve, Fozzy (Ian Foster) and Scott Macleod, their coach workers, have great respect for them," said Schmidt.

All Blacks will keep the only number rating despite the Saturday break.

"As I said earlier this week, this is the number one against the number of two in the world," said Hansen.

"As they are now the only crew in the world. If you want to do the help of the World Cup, go ahead."

He said his "players were cut off" by the Aviva Stadium, but he said: "This will be useful because this team did not suffer much [defeats] over the last three years. "

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