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Vogue Williams has been sent to Instagram to open to & # 39; The first time to bring her modern banner, Theodore to the public in the world.

In addition to posting a picture, the 33-year-old man wrote:

I remember having & # 39; feeling so sorry, to duly swear and smile. try to support new items

She went on to say that a friend was living down quickly and since he got the confidence to give him any food.

His first mother also had a & # 39; talk about her / her business feeding on their food and how she & she; Feeling about ending.

I always wanted to find out about six months but I never thought I could find it difficult to go to. stop. Our first child is largely done with breast milk

Vogue completed his writing letter asking her "mothers" what formula they are going to do; used.

A couple, who lasted in June last year, welcomed Theodore as a child to the world in September.

The first time parents also went to & # 39; describing the way of life that responded to their new access in a truly three-part series, Spencer and Vogue: Adults (ish) – who progressed on E4.

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