Anthem Glitch Makes Boss Invisible – Rant game

Since then AnthemDate BioWare's release date has been under fire for a number of attractions, including sweethearts and a gown. Now, such insults have come to his attention, and it is unlikely to give worse support to fans t knowledge.

In particular, some players report that they sometimes meet with invisible leaders at all times Anthem. Although these reports suggest that this bug is not unique to one headteacher in particular, there is now video evidence that it can happen with a Tyrant Swarm at Tyrant Mine.

This evidence is taken from the user of Reddit Zenro45, who has recently shown a film with an invisible Tyrant swarm. Amazingly, Zenro45 and the team are able to win the invisible enemy, which the player influences on coordination with a friend. For those interested, the incredible enemy will be stripped of two AnthemWeapons weapons handicraft weapons and a number of events.

Killing an invisible leader… a new hard drive? from AnthemTheGame

Zenro45 mail messages come from players who are playing the game's games, as well as those who appear to have been involved in similar problems before. There are also posters that suggest that Grandmaster 4 was the result of the outfit, – a difficult situation that was not, as it would be, more challenging than AnthemGrandmaster 2 and 3 options options.

While some players can avoid putting up some problems against these issues, others of course have just reached enough games and attractions to reach the game. Maybe more formal Anthem Beta would have allowed these kinks to be harassed before they were released, but now there is a question about BioWare's downward player who is looking for new deficiencies.

As more developers enter the world of games as a service, a pattern of incomplete titles finds out that the route is to be guaranteed. Maybe it's not invisible to be the worst immigrant Anthem Since its launch, it praises the work of title to the title.

Anthem is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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