As a result of oatmeal to stop UK races that show 10,000 in Oz UK News

The strain of foot flu vaccine on UK horse races is the only thing that has stopped running in Australia for 3 months in 2007, which affects more than 10,000 animals.

Florida Clade 1 is a format in North America, Sky sources have been established.

In Australia, the crisis lasted three months.

The British Horse Commitment Authority (BHA), Brant Dunshea,'s chief executive officer, said to Sky News: "We've seen it in the most unhappy horses that have given the illness before this event it has been & # 39 ; include this specification.

"" We are currently working with the Animal Health Trust to prove that. "

Talk to her & # 39; broke out in Australia, Sky News e-writer, Enda Brady, said horses had not "been immunized at the time, and that the virus was totally associated with that continent ".

He said he is endemic in Europe, and has a "degree of protection" in Britain with a severe vaccine.

Mr Dunshea, who was currently working in Australia, said that he had stopped playing for a week in Melbourne, and for "much longer" in other parts of the country.

Meetings at Huntingdon, Doncaster, Ffos Las and Chelmsford have been held. File pic
No racing will take place until Wednesday

Since a number of animals have been confirmed in the UK earlier this week, 2,100 have now been tested throughout the country.

Races will not be returned at least Wednesday, to the risk of spreading a flu.

It was first called on Thursday after three horses from Donald McCain's garden in Cheshire were very ill.

Mr Dunshea said that there was a "challenge" and a good balance to be & # 39; guide the desire of the public to take a race, and the good of the horses.

He said: "Indeed we all have to get regiment as quickly as we can, and we will do so.

"But we will do so safely, measure, as quickly as possible".

Mr Dunshea said that the right decision was to reduce the racing down, saying that the BHA was gather as many information as possible to understand the scale of the problem, and that it would "make decisions based on science and expert advice".

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