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Colleagues should join a flat flat & flat;

People who don't believe that a culture of defense in Ireland should be "in the flat mud" or in climate change changes, the former President of the High Court, Nicholas Kearns, said.

Mr Justice Kearns, chairman of the Personal Injuries Commission (PIC), was speaking at a conference organized by the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB), where he called on politicians to “step up” and do something t reflecting the cost of insurance and claims that arise for business closures.

“The deterrent should say that there is a big problem going with the Flat Earth Society or the changes on climate change,” he said.

Calling the case “immediate and urgent problem”, Justice Kearns raised the cause of Linda Murray, who has said she is losing her job in a playground. Meath after its insurance prices rose from € 2,500 to € 16,500 in just five years.

Mr Justiceas Kearns said the Aquadome, an inner water park at Tralee, could only obtain an insurance cover by approving the first € 183,000 of any claims lodged against them. T . Six other leisure center businesses have closed or closed again in the future due to insurance costs, he said.

Mr Kearns has recently completed a recent report to find payments for whipping and another soft injection of four or five pounds in the UK.

He noted that there are a small number of such injuries in Lithuania, which do not offer payment for a whip.

He also criticized the slow progress made on the Judging Council Bill which, if passed, would allow judges to recommend guidelines for injured payments. The bill has been seated in the Seanad for 681 days.

“In the meantime, insurance prices are likely to rise, confidential applications will continue and insurance companies report large profits. The only downturn is the hundreds of thousands of community groups, charities and small businesses affected by increasing costs. ” T

He also raised concerns about the lack of progress towards establishing a special unit for insurance insurance for the Garda, another recommendation from the PIC.

However, there are suggestions that the insurance companies should fund such a unit, however, the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said recently that the Garda should only receive money from the public.

Mr Kearns said he was "heavy" in that the unit of insurance remains to be established. “We now know how often false claims are wrong in this jurisdiction. Daily reports are made by the media. ”

He is surprised by recent figures which show that the Gardaí were still disregarded but about 20 cases of fraud since August last year. He said he had been surprised to hear this number, as he now says it has no insurance to cover Irish Ireland with almost 200 reports of a year of false claims.

“As we know, there were very few criminal offenses. That is a great disappointment. ”

The risk of seizure is low and the risk of being convicted is “zero”, Mr Justice Kearns said. “These are the most significant growth conditions for this problem.”

PIAB launched an investigation by a voting company Amrach who showed that around a third of people suffered injuries outside the home, while one third applied for an injury.

Asked whether there was a compensatory culture in Ireland, 82 per cent of those surveyed agreed, with 84 per cent of those blaming the pay because of the standard. T . One in three were blaming advertising with professional solicitors and professional bodies and 25 per cent blamed the media for issuing payments for applications.

60% of the development that needs reform but said only 20 per cent were aware of the efforts being made to address the issue.

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