Dublin stomach victim Noel Whelan in the picture is like a sad family and friends are praising praise

The Noel Whelan family from the SWAB family have promised not to forget it, with his cousin writing: “I hope you get the best bed in heaven.”

In the mid-20s of the Dubliner, the Dubliner was sheared to death at a house in Castle Heather at Mulhuddart, Dublin, at about 6pm yesterday.

    The tinted victim Noel Whelan


The tinted victim Noel Whelan
    At the rubbish site at Mulhuddart

Paddy Cummins – The Sun Dublin

At the rubbish site at Mulhuddart

Parachutes struggled to save his life but he was said to have been dead at the time.

The man of the 40s snatched himself and was caught captive after all.

The man tonight is kept at Finglas Garda Station where he is asked by researchers.

Today, his cousin goes to Noel.

She said online: “Shocked. You were a happy, happy young man. The rest in peace cuz. I hope that you get the best bed in heaven.

“I'll send this a mail that was really popular and your friends and family will not surround you.”


Another friend wrote: “So Sad. The rest of Noelie's peace. Look at your family. Beautiful young lad. So sad. "

A friend also said: “The peace in Noelie peace. The place is getting worse.

Another friend said: “I am deceived. Amazingly you were the lily door. • A careless person. Everyone is destroyed. The rest in Noely's peace. Many people, the community as a whole were appreciated. ”

Noel's body was removed today and a post-mortem inspection was carried out.

The police went away from the house where the death was taking place and a number of people who were involved in the war still today.

The Cops said the investigation is still ongoing, but understands that they are following a detailed line of analysis.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 01 666 9000 or phone the Garda Secret Line. On 1800 666 111.

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