Dublin's new baby boy is coming out for the sun

The new Dublin babies' chorus toured out with his mother Wednesday as the public had the opportunity to see the nine day ape on the first occasion.

The baby leaflet is not yet given a name because keepers were not able to prove its species.

Kafi, a 12 year old mother who was keeping her descendants so close to her breast that he was not yet able to say if he was male or female.

James Creighton, a keeper of the Dublin Zoo with responsibility for apes, said Kafi was the mother of the first time and so staff were concerned about her preparation but “she does Everything right? in looking after her baby.

Dublin Zoo is hoping to have a nomination competition in the coming weeks.

Eilidh Clarke-Bennett, who is the African Plains team leader, said Kafi, who arrived in Dublin in 2012, had been watching other female stonies at birth and nursing young people, and that helped to look after her own child.

“This new birth is a huge step forward for this critically endangered species,” she said.

The baby is the 11th gorilla of her birth in the zoo since a breeding program began in the 1980s.

The baby's nine-year-old father, Bangui, came to the Dublin Zoo in 2018 following the death of Harry Pa back back back time male time time time time time time time time time time time for Harry.

The use of back silver money is used on the white white hair of the male alpha and on the hook.

Bangui was quickly taken as the new male alpha of the group and has started to transform into a cockerel back again. '

“It helps it come from a really good social group. He has seen the young people born. It is very encouraging to be sitting on our group. It's a high pressure job, ”said Ms Clarke-Bennett.

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