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Well, that's quick – one minute Louise Mitchell (Charles Tilly) is shocking to someone called Midge (Tom Colley). The next day she dies by Keanu Mac an Tàilleir (Danny Walters) struggling to find out. After her defense.

Keanu had one job, ffs.

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) does not hire him again in a hurry when his daughter has been fighting for his life as a result of his fall in ball. Do not expect there to be a glorious certificate, K.

Keanu is missing his job next week when Louise becomes the victim of her father's crime with Midge and Danny (Paul Usher). Keanu is appalled because Louise has put in a car with Midge and chase him away after being abandoned by himself.

He is calling Phil for help but Louise has been stolen.

(Image: BBC)

Ben and Keanu went to find Louise, but it is a race against him to take them back to safety. Midge and Danny don't attack, they are very dangerous.

Is this the only job Keanu can go to properly, or will Phil be returned in body bags?

It is now worse when Sharon finds out more about the… t

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