Energy bills rise for 1 million people

More than a million energy buyers now feel the effects of bigger bills.

Electric Ireland and PrePayPower charge gas and electricity prices by 4% and 3.9% respectively, after they have been frozen in winter months.

The increase will be around € 38 a year to the average electricity bill for Electric Ireland and an average of € 30 per year. At the same time, buyers of PrePayPower can see their annual gas and gas bills rise from around € 50 to € 35 respectively.

Electric Ireland has just over 1.1 million electrical customers and around 140,000 gas customers. PrePayPower has around 140,000 electrical customers and a PreasPower.

Both providers, as well as most of the other energy suppliers, were increasing the prices last year.

Daragh Cassidy, Head of Communications at a price comparison site and consumer website,, said the key reason for increasing the price of energy on international markets was still high.

“We bring a huge amount of our overseas energy,” he said. “We bring in gas, coal and oil, and all of these fossil prices are rising and they are still high, well in international markets. Unfortunately, this means that no extra prices can be obtained in the coming months. "

Mr Cassidy said renewables would not be cheaper. BSL is investing in wind energy but investment is money.

“Renewable energy is greener, it's cleaner but it's not using cheaper resources yet, so we're still not going down as we use more renewable energy. '

Energy suppliers save the best prices for new customers, but asked whether existing users should contact their provider and negotiate a better price. T , Mr Cassidy said he is entitled to call it.

"Of course we recommend that people change, but there is a lot to say if you send your supplier too, and see if you can make better deals. Sometimes we can find out that the offers are not secure. T providers, as well as providing new customers. "

Buyers could save more than € 400 per year on gas and electricity by turning.

Another way of lower energy bills is to use less. Users can do this by deciding which devices in their household use their biggest strength and looking for ways of reducing their consumption.

"LED light bubbles, which use up to 90% less energy in the normal light bulb, also save customers' money", said Daragh.

Finally, customers can look at ways to make their home more energy efficient.

"For example sending solar panels or installing a window or wall. And it is good news that SEAI (the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) has a lot of grants available to help reduce costs. T . "

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