Get out of the bad weather After 20 years

Although fast runners are looking for new areas and breaking records all the time, the nature of some levels and games mean that some records stand for a period of time.

One remains of the first site DOOM the length of time you see the end of each stage. Instead of gathering or rounding up or down on the same time, the game was completed always whatever it is.

Now that you are addressing a greater level or speed of a game full, that is not a big matter. But what if you are doing speedrun at a very special level – a level that takes nine seconds to complete?

This is the corner of the matter DOOM the global position since September 1998, a recently broken record. As explained by interestrrnerner and YouTuber Karl Jobst, the album has been hung around as far as the problem of giving a full second, rather than half or part of a second. .

The race is run by Luas Luathas Ultra, which means that players must run as fast as they can; a problem with Cross-Violence with potential enemies. That means you have a lot of involved in tours – will they take you straight to the end? – and a little bit for error.

It's a big fracture DOOM Speedruns work, and how the community could find out new ways of getting time from the album. It wasn't much time to save either. If 4shockblast had been wearing one additional frame at any time in a run, then that frame level would have been DOOM this means that the speedrun would enter by 9 seconds.

You can see the full run from 4shockblast, which sits at the top of the Hangar's speedrun standard, below.

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