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Harris agrees that children should be withdrawn from school

Health Minister Simon Harris has said that he is “naturally” agreeing with the proposal that children should be barred from going to school or center.

Mr Harris was responding to a tweet from Dr Dominic Rowley, who is a consultant at the Mediterranean Regional Regional Hospital, who recommended that the Minister “carry out a heavy step and #banunhealthyunvoccids from a creche / school”.

Dr Rowley said: “Lifesaving is a simple concept. We should protect those children who can't get #vaccines. ”

Responding to Dr Rowley on Sunday night, Mr Harris sent out: “Absolutely agree. Imagine we may have constitutional issues here. Do more research. #VaccinesSesveives. ”

Key doctors have voiced concerns about falling immunization rates in Irish children in recent years, leading to an outbreak of measles.

Although the levels of MMR (measles, rubella) vaccine in Ireland are high, they have sometimes decreased in recent years under the recommended 95% for “herd protection”.

The president of the National General Practitioners Association (NAGP) has previously said that illegal information released on social media is playing a part in raising levels of immunization in some areas.

Speaking last month, Dr Maitiu O Tuathal said “the biggest driving campaign is to reduce the vaccine by social media”.

“That is having an impact, it is for people who are without purpose and is replacing the vaccines, and we see that at the moment,” he said. T

He said: “There is a measles outbreak in the north of County Dublin, which is merely due to taking up the MMR vaccine much lower than it should be, and that is due to bad behavior. information on social media ”.

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