In 2018, a breakdown of data was reported

The number of data breakdown reported to the Data Protection Commission was increased by 70% last year, as new data protection rules have been introduced across Europe, new figures appear.

In total, the banking was informed of a total of 4,740 breaches in 2018, with 3,542 of those submitted in the seven months following the General Data General Regulation to come into force in May.

The number of objections made to the regulator also leveled by more than 50% last year to 4,113, with 2,864 of those coming after GDPR started on May 25.

Most of these complaints were related to the # 39; Access to personal data held by others, with unparalleled data handling and publishing among the largest sectors.

"The increase in the number of objections and questions shows a new level of transition to activity from individuals to deal with what they see as abuse or error; fail to explain what's happening with their data, "said Information Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon.

The figures are available in the first annual report of the organization since it changed from the Office of Data Protection Commissioner to the DPC in mid-last year.

15 statutory investigations were opened with its body between May and December into issues at least if large-scale technologies were multi-national; comply with GDPR.

Seven of these are focused on Facebook only, with two people who are targeting Facebook only; watch WhatsApp's sister company and one of them; Instagram case study, which is also owned by a social network population.

Twitter and Apple are also a subject of two ongoing searches each, while LinkedIn is one focus.

"All of these investigations should come to a decision and decision-making stage later this year, and we expect the analysis and the conclusions in the context of these searches to be pre- perspective for better implementation of the GDPR principles over key aspects of services, "said Ms Dixon in her report.

GDPR also provided a one-stop device to allow companies that work in many countries in the EU to be managed by one regulator in one thing.

Over the period inspected by the annual report, 136 DPC received cross-border process complaints that used this new management system.

GDPR was also essential for groups here to break down their data to the DPC and this change is reflected in raising the issues identified to the authority in the second half of the year.

"Although it would be a good world if there was less, DPC experience is that most organizations are involved with the DPC and accept the guidance to reduce the loss of individuals to individuals, identify high risks and avoid breaking learning lessons, "said Ms Dixon in the report.

The DPC also initiated 31 own searches under the 2018 Data Protection Act to investigate citizens of the State department for legal enforcement purposes in public places.

These studies will analyze a range of technologies, and # 39; including body alarms, drones, CCTV and systems that use automatic ID number plate (ANPR).

The first module is aimed at the 31 local authorities and the second one will look at An Garda Síochána, with more to continue.

The State Public Services Charter also continued a special inquiry during the period.

Electronic marketing is still a difficult area for many people, according to the report, with 32 new complaints examined over the seven months.

Email marketing is the biggest person, and Describes 18 of these complaints, and SMS (11) marketing and telephone marketing (3).

However, a number of these investigations brought taxes under the E Privacy Regulations, with five successful allegations for 30 total crimes held in the District Court.

The DPC also handled 48 data breakdown complaints from affected data subjects over time, with a & # 39; Most cases related to individual personal data are being taken to another third party by mistake.

The number of cyber security agreements also rises again last year, with the number of data growing from 49 cases in 2017 to 225 in 2018.

Issues involving fishing, malware and ransomware attacks increased in the use of social engineering and fishing attacks to access ICT management systems and scheduled processes.

"It is clear that much of the data breakdown is expressed to the DPC that includes the risk of financial data derived from a damaged or stolen certificate," the report says.

"In terms of the public sector breakdown reported to the DPC, it is particularly distressing that there are a large number in specific areas of personal data or data relating to offenders or criminals."

The report also describes how late it was last year that a project started. Analyze the data processing of children's data and their rights as data subjects under GDPR, with public consultation on the case open to tomorrow.

Staff numbers at the DPC continued to grow together with the workload between May and December, with 135 now being employed at the & # 39; commissioned and a further 30 were involved this year.

Funding for the DPC has risen from € 1.7 million in 2013 to € 11.6 million in 2018.

"Although we are still in the platform that I need to have myths and unfamiliarities built around the GDPR, we are very positive about the improvements we see in Ireland in personal data handling practices over the next few years, "Ms Dixon said.

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