In Pictures: Kate on target at the Northern Ireland trip

British Royals William and Kate had an interesting day of competition when they finished in a number of sports at their first day of their trip to Northern Ireland.

William and Kate visited Windsor Park, a football home in Northern Ireland, where they played a member of a group of young players.

After that they visited the Roscor Youth Center where William made out to balance a long-term barrier and Kate had a " trying to join her at archery, before they finished in a canoeing race.

Many turned off to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the beginning of their two-day trip (Liam McBurney / PA)

Kate met one of them particularly young outside Windsor Park, the home of the Northern Ireland football team (Liam McBurney / PA)

Inside, the royals participated in a coach session (Liam McBurney / PA)

Kate talks about football practices on the football field (Liam McBurney / PA)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took part in a spiritual game at Windsor Park (Liam McBurney / PA)

There was some close indication of the royals (Liam McBurney / PA)

With some good attack from the defense head (Liam McBurney / PA)

A couple got football shirts for their children (Liam McBurney / PA)

After that, the royals visited Roscor Youth Club where they tried to explore a range of outdoor pursuits, culminating in a canoe race on Loch Erne.

Duke of Cambridge on a barrier course (Niall Carson / PA)

Kate helped her to help children to placing puppies (Neil Carson / PA)

Kate during the canoeing lesson on Loch Erne (Neil Carson / PA)

Despite his knowledge; in a dragon boat, Kate's team lost to William (Neil Carson / PA)

Kate got his hand at archery … (Neil Carson / PA)

… and he achieved his second attempt (Niall Carson / PA)

The Duchess and Duchess of Cambridge for a group photograph at Roscor Youth Club, Co Fermanagh (Niall Carson / PA)

A pair of two slab keys that are displayed at the center (Niall Carson / PA)

The slabs are listed by the royal couple (Neil Carson / PA)

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