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Lennon, the spectacle of Liam Gallagher, is today's fashion symbol

Lennon, son of Liam Gallagher, was looking at her statue. His famous father was willing to take part in the presentation of futuristic fashion.

Oasis Rocker's eldest son, Lennon, has things to do with the future Gerrit Jacob designer for his & her; Central Saint Martins (CSM) has never had a varied 5G varied climate change ever to show the MA Show Week.

This 19-born portrait of his father's father's backbacks, was placed in a blue gray shirt and a link behind the scenes by Jacob, who had a truly realistic way.

Lennon Gallagher, on the left, has inherited his father's father (PA)

The fashion festival will take place on Friday evening at the start of the two-year event in the & capital and sees Lennon ahead of his case.

Lennon has already been successful as a model, working for posts such as Saint Laurent, Topman and Zara Man.

Lennon is the son of Gallagher and his wife Patsy Kensit. He has three other children from other relationships.

Jacob's exhibition will appear on modules that show its pictures on the run-in but in a position where a 5G network can be seen, with the vitality of the photographer; Living in a unprecedented way at London Fashion Week.

Telephone network Three initially installed the live live 5G live live at the art of the arts college to try to shape fashion, art, design and future performance as part of a creative collaboration with CSM .

Gerrit Jacob's photographer plays a magic tragedy Magic magic to play finishing Lennon Gallagher's cover (Doug Peters / PA)

Jacob said: "My collection was born nine pieces out of love for the amazing, amazing and spectacular experience, inspired by what I did to stay in Hamburg.

"I have heated in a mixed three-tone 5G verbal technology to create something special for the climb and it's an honor to play with Lennon Gallagher in the MA session in the Friday Fashion Festival of London."

The installation of the 5G at the college still has to go to # 39; using future students.

Jeremy Till, chief of CSM, says: "The future design and fashion of technology is linked closely to technology development and we see more and more attractive and innovative technologies to & # 39; affecting how the design and fashion industries work.

Masha Popova, a teacher of Central Saint Martins, a leap-bearers carrying a magic stitch to look at Jacob's work on his clothes. at Lennon (Doug Peters / PA)

"Our students are already building on the latest technologies and their work and collaboration with a 5G of Three people will support for this technology.

"We are sure that the ongoing relationship with our three students will be the center of long-term trends in design and fashion. It is a fascinating collaboration for both parties, and one that allows the students We still consider the opportunities that still exist in creative use of 5G. "

– Media Society

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