Man imprisoned for sexual assault by girl (4) of family friend

A man was sent to prison for four years for a sexual attack by a four-year-old family friend.

The 73-year-old, who cannot be named the victim's confidentiality, refused three counts of sexual assault on the child in places in Dublin, Kildare and Wick between January 1985 and December 1987.

Following a five day trial at Dublin Tour Court in March last, a jury was convicted from each census.

The victim was between four and six years old when the man punished him and he talked about it in the family home and in the family home. T her.

The man who is now in poor condition was married to a family friend.

On Tuesday, Judge Karen O'Connell also fined a four-year prison sentence on all crimes. She had settled a sentence of 6 years and had lessened to consider age and poor health.

She noticed that she was innocent during her youth and that she had stolen her without her.

In the victim impact statement the victim, who is now an adult, said that her misbehavior had forced her back of her body. She said she was only eight years old when she tried to kill herself by going out to thin.

At his sweet hearing Mr Lynn said the client was ill with ill-treated cancer. A medical report said he was tired.

“Prison time for someone in serious poor health would be very bad,” said a councilor.

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