Many of the Irish have suffered a scam online

Many people have experienced scam.

Tuesday Safer Internet Day, a campaign across the European Union to encourage a safer internet for all users, especially young people.

From cyber bullying to social networks, each year, Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and its. Select a topic that shows current concerns.

So how do we rank Ireland in terms of our internet safety practices?

Well, according to a new survey conducted by Google / YouGov, three-quarters of Irish users have experienced online scam or security breakdown.

The survey found:

  • The target of phones & # 39; phishing & # 39; in 54% of people surveyed
  • 23% have been affected by viruses or malware that steal personal data
  • 17% have accounted for the accounts of their social media
  • 15% have participated in money for non-existing goods or services
  • 50% will use two-phase certification for some but not all; of their online accounts
  • 33% of people have ever used an online device such as Google Security Checkup to review their online security options

However, in terms of taking the necessary steps to avoid a security breach, 39% of the Irish people said they would not continue to use the proposed use; Using different passwords for each of their online accounts, with just 4.5% and accepting the most risky approach to & # 39; Use one password for all services.

Speaking of the results, Ryan Meade, a Public Policy Manager at Google, said: "It's great to see that so many Irish people are aware of good security techniques such as many words and two factories, and more importantly The YouGov survey shows us that these good practices are also there.

"But this good work is easily offset by staying on top of security settings and constantly checking licensing and counting activity."

Ideas on how to keep safe Online Internet Safety Day:

  • Make sure your browser is correct
  • Check the URL to make sure it is a valid website
  • Response to password

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