Microsoft presses Windows 10 May 2019 Update information for the Background Overview

Microsoft pressed the upcoming new Windows 10 operating system, known as the May 2019 Update, to the Preview Release today.

The company just announced a few days ago that it would modify the normal way for distributing new news to Windows 10 devices. Instead of updating the update immediately, it would t Give him another test visit in the Information Background cycle.

A preview of one of the available inner rings is given; the other rings are going on, Lucky Circle, and Slow Ring are different from how often and how often they pick up.

The roll-out to the Knowledge Base Preview shows the final step in the development process. Microsoft expects to release the May 2019 update at the end of May. Because the new process is reversed around a month, the most recent update being released, Windows 10 version 1809, was longer than expected to reach wide usage due to lice t Microsoft stopped to stop disclosure of the update.

Change the change in logic by updating in May 2019. • Windows administrators who did not want their devices to be automatically updated to new registrations would need to be updated Update or modify any update to avoid avoidance and click on "check for updates" manually.

Testing in May 2019

players let a preview ring

Administrators who wish to undertake an upgrade in May 2019 for a trial tour can do so. Just go to the Insider program and the Information Point preview ring on a Windows 10 device to do that.

That is how it is done: t

  1. Join the Windows Insider program on this web page by using an email address or by creating a new Microsoft account for that.
  2. Use Windows-I to open the Settings app.
  3. Go to Update & Security> Windows Insider Program. Please note that the Windows Insider program is only presented if you are signed in by an administrative account.
  4. Select "Get start" on the Windows Insider Program page.
  5. You are asked to link to the Microsoft Account or Azure Active Directory account which has been incorporated into the Windows Insider program.
  6. Select "Just fixes, apps, and driver" when you were asked "what kind of content" would you like to receive.
  7. Verify the privacy statement and program agreement (legal).
  8. Select Now restart to restart the PC. It is in the circle of Information Briefing following resumption.

You can verify that the PC has merged with the Knowledge Overview preview by reopening the Windows Insider Program page in the Settings app. "Just fixes, apps, and driver" should be displayed under "What kind of content would you like", and a button to "Stop Insider Preview" should be built.

You need to run a manual for updates so that you can update it in May 2019. Go to Windows Update in the Settings app and click the "check for updates". The PC should update and update the update to the system.

Last words

Microsoft did the right thing here. The company will have to first be renewed in May 2019 for the first time after the release on Windows 10 1809. You should prompt your message to the Preview Overview for Month month to take over what would be taken over; you can still see if that is enough to create a building to let it out that it doesn't have copper bugs.

Now: What work have you completed?

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Microsoft presses Windows 10 May 2019 Update information for the Background Overview

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Microsoft presses Windows 10 May 2019 Update information for the Background Overview


Microsoft pushed the new upgrades to the company's Windows 10 operating system, known as May 2019 Update, to the Preview ring today.


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