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Over 70% of injured patients were infected by drops in low waterfalls, searching for

Most of the major disasters in Ireland are caused by a low fall of less than two meters, finding a report.

One out of two patients suffered their injuries in their own home, with 77% of these being low.

The major report of the Major Trauma Audit (MTA) to the patient investigation; gone seriously injured in the Irish healthcare system.

It presents data from more than 5,000 patients across 26 trauma hospitals in Ireland, representing 86% of the major patient in traffic in 2017.

Kenneth Mealy, president of the RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), launched the report at the NOCA (National Office of Clinical Inquiry) on Wednesday.

Three hospitals in the corridor

The report certifies that there was an average age of A 58-year-old elderly patient, with 21% of patients who had to move to another hospital for continuing care.

Many patients in Ireland are going to & # 39; introducing hospitals that the services are not on site to guide their injuries.

MTA shows 44% of the output; A patient suffering from a bad problem over 65 years.

The report also shows that there are no older elderly patients with complex medical needs; getting the same level of response with younger patients with the same poorly injured and that their outcomes are significantly worse.

Dr Conor Deasy, clinical chief for MTA, said: "This report tells us that our homes are a dangerous place, especially for older people.

"We need to tackle the diseases of low heels in the home through engineering, medical and social methods.

"We have NCTs to ensure the safety of cars and road users, should we have something to look like our homes with the responsibility for being injured?"

At the same time, a report by the National ICU of Ireland (INICUA) report is found, although ICU is safe that more beds are needed to meet the demand.

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INICUA was set up by NOCA to emphasize patient care in Adult Care Units (ICUs) Units and Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU).

The report includes the most poorer patients in the Irish healthcare system and its Data survey of 6,186 adult patients and 1,463 child patients across units.

The report found that Irish units are very busy, with 91% bed in an adult ICU and 94% bed in PICUs in 2017. The 70-80% design residency rates.

The five-day employment period in an adult ICU, which is similar to the UK.

However, he had been hospitalized for a long time after leaving 24 days in the ICU in Ireland, compared to 15 days in the UK.

The prevalence of illness and the prevalence of death threatening to ICUs was higher for the adult patients of Ireland than in the UK.

Dr Rory Dwyer, clinical head of the ICU National Survey of Ireland, said: "The report shows that most of the Irish ICUs are working at its boundaries, but their & # 39; Providing high quality care with similar patient results for the UK. "

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