Revealed: Here are the best 2019 childhood names

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The results are and Jack and Emily keep the best places when it comes to our favorite names.

Today, the Statistics Headquarters left its numbers for registered child names in 2018.

Carol Anne Hennessy, the statistics, said: "Emily is the best place for girls, and with Grace, Emma, ​​Sophie and Amelia, the best five favorite favorites for the young girls downloaded in 2018.

"Jack is on the site to keep the best known youngest boys in 2018, which is held since 2007, but only in 2016, when James was the best favorite.

"Follow James, Noah, Conor and Daniel then Jack as the five best boys names in 2018."

The statistics show that more than the boys have more names than the boys, with the names of 4,779 registered girls compared to 3,712 for the boys.

Frankie, Freddie and Theodore came to the highest 100 for boys in 2018. B & Theodore and Frankie were the most famous names of their reputation, and increase 63 and 31 places.

There were four new entrants in the top 100 for girls: Ada, Bella, Bonnie and Ivy. Ada got 67 places, moving from 137 to 70 places between 2017 and 2018. Ivy also rises from 137th place to 84th over the same period.

Emily is the best girlfriend since 2011.

Murphy (686), Kelly (584) and Ryan (498) were the three clans abused; up for babies.

Some of the counties counted outside the top five. For example, Michael was ranked 8th nationally but was a leading place in the town of Galway. Adam and John are the names abstained; They prefer Leitrim, and the Tadhg division is the main place with Conor in Waterfordshire.

Emily's biggest name was chosen, or did not; The first one in eleven areas, including the city of Dublin, where it was a prime place with Olivia.

Name five boys:

1. Jack

2. James

3. Noah

4. Conor

5. Daniel

The five names of five daughters

1. Emily

2. Grace

3. Emma

4. Sophie

5. Amelia

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