Status A yellow weather warning was issued for five counties in Ireland

It is going to get wet out there.

Although the weather has been felt that it has been going over the days, it seems that not all forms of sun and picnics yet. .

So if your weekend plans include anything that brings in the country, please note.

A weather warning of rainwater standards has been issued Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerryas is expected between 25mm and 45mm in these counties.

It is also predicted that there will be more water in mountain areas.

The weather warning was issued on Friday night, but will not run until 8pm on Saturday 13 April. It is due to be completed 24 hours later.

Met Éireann unveiled the news on its official Twitter page on Friday night.

A further wind warning was issued shortly afterwards, for that purpose Donegal, Galway, Mayo and Kerry.

This notice will arrive at 7am on Saturday morning, and will close at 3am on Sunday morning.

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