Suitable for CrossFit? These are the levels of strength you have to pass

Looking at a CrossFit competition? These are the levels of strength you have to pass.

It was originally Reebok license, and CrossFit was started in 2000 in California. It has now grown into one of the most popular exercise systems on the planet, with boxes (CrossFit centers) now open in almost every town throughout the country. T world rank.

Like most sports, CrossFit attracts spare builders and ambitious athletes. If you are planning to compete with competition such as Rich Froning and the Fraser Fraser at CrossFit Games, these are the kind of strength standards you should be crossing.

At the very tip of the CrossFit world, there are high altitudes and high fitness levels. But this is a general guide to what you should aim for, if you want to be a boxer.

We had only a small selection of healthy health issues. Of course there are others.


25 consecutive drawings are a good choice for men; 15-20 for women. CrossFit tends to pull in away from kipping, but we would recommend that they tighten up carefully.


The muscles up are a mixture of pulling tightly into heavy body weight, but in one smooth transition. Three strong representatives provide a good base from which to start.

Squat Barbell

You should be able to beat between 1.25 and 1.5 times the body weight. You should also be able to fill 3-5 representatives with this weight.

Clean and Jerk

As a Olympics, the net and the jerk are a technical exercise. This means you should focus more on low recipes rather than being too large to reduce risk of injury. Being able to make a representative with your physical body is good, and from that time 1.25 your body weight is when the heavy figures are put up.


The plucking is even more likely than the net and the clean, so it is expected that a lighter weight is needed. 90-100% of your body weight is good if you want to be bad about CrossFit competition.

Circular Walks

From heather in sight, CrossFit's main constraint is that most infants have work directly in the breast (day exercise). However, these circles can be paid. 10 recipes for three sets are a good measure of strength of tension that the pecs, delts and bonnets make to you.


Try running a mile in seven minutes or less.

Half construction

Like the barbell squat, work up to a deadlift of 1.5 times less body weight and aim to achieve sets of 3-5 representatives.


Usually played on Concept 2's device, rotation is part of almost all CrossFit exercises. There is a real level of performance at the level that you can reach to 500 meters into one minute and 30 seconds.

Push-Ups for control

Our main costs are CrossFit, and it is expected that the men will make at least 10 representatives.

To test your skill, pass this exercise last year from CrossFit Games.

It includes cycling, muscles, cupboard, carbon and re-planning one of the highest tests and a marathon series. Not for the heart, but a great way to track your progress however.

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