The artist claims that the skin Taro in Fortnite has been stolen from her design t [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 8:45 am 1/4/19] – Epic Games spokesperson has responded to our call for comment and said, “We take this seriously and we are currently reviewing it. ”


An artist who works on their work DeviantArt Epic Games about robbing one of her designs for her t Fortnite skin. The Taro skin was released in November 2018 as part of the Storm Familiars scenario.

Yesterday, DeviantArtist Endercast/Elecast/Siadway (Ruby Ramirez) on Facebook claiming that Epic had been designed to steal a character to create the Taro Skin. Below you can see her Facebook post.

Stolen Fortnite Skin?

According to Google Translate, her role will read;

Help. Fortnite he took out a skin almost the same as my burrito and now I can't use it without being asked to photocopy it.

If you are an “intellectual” and want to be like a whole complement from here, they are disgusting.

And I didn't do that at all FortniteI have one more character than my thousands, don't tell me that you have that bullying.

The allegations were made to a wider notice by a Tweet Tweet from another artist's use of DeviantArt.

At the time of writing, Epic Games did not respond to the complaints, but we have come out to them for comments.

Interior DeviantArt Conditions of Service, four point read;

4. Copyright

All rights to copyright and data in the Service and to those contained therein are, unless otherwise stated, owned by the owner. People who have worked for DeviantArt are either copyright holders of some of these works or are posting their work to the copyright of a copyright or copyright owner or other agent. T is allowed by law.

You must not reproduce, distribute, present or perform publicly, or carry out remedial work based on any of the material including any such work without written permission from DeviantArt or the owner appropriate work of this kind. (emphasis added)

DeviantArt does not say that you have rights to possession of your work or other materials you send to DeviantArt (Your Content). You agree not to distribute any part of the Service other than Content in any media except as permitted by these Terms and Conditions of Service or by using any of the Services provided by us giving us.

You agree to not alter or modify any part of the Service unless you are permitted to do so by us or by using our Service functions that we confer on it.

Over her accounts, Ramirez has posted similar images or character as early as 2017.

We'll keep you up to date as we learn more.

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