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The man who lost early F365: Fernandinho on a self-destructive method …

Manchester City is one of Fernandinho's focal points (one of the most unusual (and challenging) debates in English football. Strange, for a club with its facilities shouldn't be so big about a player into his traits, and that it meant that for a long time.

That means also that Fernandinho has to be well used for that role; he is sure he understands how important he is to Pep Guardiola and, in particular, to Abu Dhabi's efforts for the white whales, the Champions League.

It is difficult to do the activities outside his school on Tuesday night.

First a start: the red light: Pep Guardiola gave a clear direction to his players to be physical. The butcher is adjusting well in the town, but hardly they are known as the anarchic side – and why they would be, they don't have to rely on anything but their ability.

So Tuesday's night created a really good feeling. It was regrettable that the Guardiola destruction of Tottenham in the first quarter and his first White Hart Lane did not do any damage as far as power was concerned and brought an end to its proxy. T hard roots of Pochettino. With a splaut that was soaked up with the new earth at last opening and at the time, perhaps it was made by re-enacting these sensations; perhaps.

Perhaps, however, City has been playing Spurs out four times straight from, in and away (getting three, hauling a once), and so it appears. marvelous of paranoia.

And it seemed that paranoia was witnessing Fernandinho, who should have been named card for Harry Kane. It was a strange event, one that gets worse every time you see it. Moving slowly does everything look worse and, in this case, it is probably an easy link. The mission was still clear: first, Brazil had tried to strike Kane behind the head while he was falling and communication could be an accident. But then he took himself away by getting a second run in with the referee just away from the garden.

He was ugly. Yes, what about this. What about what about. I'm sure there are a dozen other real and imaginative complaints taken from that game, but they are related. Tottenham won anyway. So the point, then does not complain about bad decision or get more VAR pictures – that can understand the transmission system properly at least? – but what could a red card make for the Town?

They won the League Cup, which everyone has forgotten. They have also won the FA Cup, but they have done so before and never been one of the highlights of the season. And, even if they win the Premier League, that probably already is Liverpool storywhatever the end, it will be a major focus.

Indeed, Fernandinho influenced the city's progress in a single competition which remains strategically important. Needless, too. A purse should not be hitting them over two legs. Yes, it's a strong, competitive side but City works in different strathspeys with two or three players in each position.

All but one scenario. Fernandinho is a great footballer, who may not be celebrating it in plenty, but he came near a Tuesday night to take his own way off the road. The road that, at present, looks like a clear flow to the European Cup. Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain are already out, not Barcelona and Bayern Munich the stronghold they usually are, and – for one time – the continental stars are connecting for a City.

So, for the teams outside the draw, everything doesn't need to be done in order to reach the first semi-final. Fernandinho almost did that. It is impossible to lose 1-0, Town should still go through, but a red card could be an incredible insanity to them and prevent it from hanging on.

And how can he and they are not wise then? Because of the beauty they enjoy, City meets regularly with teams who will try to free the rules in an effort to eradicate their gains. That even took place on a Saturday at Wembley, when the Brighton players went to the ground once more to try to make decisions that they did not deserve.

It is evident that Brighton felt that they had nothing to lose. The situation of the town was, in this situation, a loss. To put themselves up on the mercy of the referee – not to try out the physical potential which the football has been unable to gain – just just joking.

One more point and theoretical point: what happens if a City pursues Spurs next week and takes a strong lead after, say, an hour – the tightening for one of the Pochettino players to take part in a prize, and it might be amazing. The depth of the problem Fernandinho has created is: he avoided guilt on Tuesday night, but he also creates a series of crazy jokes in a band with two legs swiftly switched on, and – due to technological superiority. – that is a problem for its side without it.

Tottenham wanted this connection to be evil; it's suitable for them. Fernandinho and his manager played in their hands.

Sebast Stafford-Bloor

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